Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Dear friends we are opening a new web site which will make it easier for folks to read about us rather than scrolling through blogs - go see it and make your comments - the address will be easier and shorter soon but for now it is


Sunday, February 8, 2009


With a high temperature of 57 degrees how can one say indoors? We went to Conestoga Pines Park to look for the White Winged Cross Bills but did not see them. I was being the "lazy birder" today and not walking on my sore (phlebitis) leg. With more effort I may have seen them. We had a lovely windows down back road drive to Haunstown but no sign of the eagles there and then by way of more back roads (including Seglock) to middle creek. Seglock Road is a sacred place the air is so clean and the forest so pristine, it is always a special renewing place. Along Fox road we saw a large "white" bird in flight. He turned out to be an immature red tail hawk but his underside was pure white and from our angle we we not certain what he was at first.

Near the beaver pond at Middle Creek a beautiful male king fisher appeared saying "hereIamtakemypicturehereIamtakemypicturehereIamtakemypicture".

There were more bird watchers today than birds (except for the snows and Canadas, but the air and woods were worth the trip.

Get out there and enjoy this blessed weather.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


A bit of warming (almost 50) and I had to get out. We went back to our beloved Middle Creek and while we saw little of note the fresh air, woodlands, and fields are still invigorating. We managed to get very close to a great blue and saw geese and swans from a distance. We met another bird watcher / photographer and had a very pleasant conversation. He came to us to ask "what we were about" - the letters on the van are working - it is the least expensive advertising available.

The farm show was long and hard (8 12 hour days plus driving) but worthwhile. I did two presentations and sold a few pictures. We handed out about 400 fliers about the ministry an sold more than 20 of my new book.

If you are interested in the book call or email us. It is $11.95 and of course my personal opinion is that is is worth every penny. ( I broke my arm patting myself on the back)

I presented my program - "Creation Appreciation - God still Speaks" for the employee banquet of Forry's Country Store on Wed at Shady Maple. I think it was well received and about 40 attended.


Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hello friends - God is working and although we do not understand all He is doing we know that He is much better at making decisions than we are.

Don's book is about to be released - We hope to have them in time for the PA Farm Show (Jan 10 -17) The price will be $11.95. Proceeds will help us continue to do what we do.

The market stands at Root's and Green Dragon are closed. So ends our attempt at retailing. We will miss the contact with friends. There are people we see every week and do not know there names, but we will miss them too. We will miss the fun of sharing nature with folks but there are many other places where we can do that for less money.

Because the stands are closed we are able to accept more group bookings on Tuesdays and Fridays. Having Friday open for events and bookings will be a very positive step. We did not realize how much we would be missing. The bird and herp clubs meet on Fridays.

Also I will have more time to work on the blog. I will be combining all of my blog and net group efforts into this one. So some improvements are coming, any suggestions? "Stay tuned."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Creation Appreciation
c/o Don Billett
4533 Miller Drive
Mount Joy, PA 17552

Greetings in Jesus' name - Winter is here and feeder watching is a favorite sport. Our little Decay snake is closing down for his winter nap and I feel like joining him. We are in need of prayer as there are many decisions to make regarding the ministry in these days of finical turmoil. The fact remains that God has called us to this and He did it knowing the future so following His guidance is never foolishness. Pray specifically for me - that I will not become discouraged.

I am working on combing the 2 blogs, a google group, and the picture web sit into one work. Too many irons in the fire effects the quality of all of them. If you know something about blogs etc contact me, I need help.

God bless all of you as we celebrate the coming of our Lord to be with and save mankind.

Don Billett

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Friends

Creation Appreciation
c/o Don and Florence Billett
4533 Miller Drive
Mt. Joy, PA 17552

Jesus knows me, this I love. think about it!

What a joy it is to watch the feeder and it's many visitors - the same old birds nothing new but fascinating to watch and think about. God watches them too! He sees the sparrow when it falls so I know He is a bird watcher.

We had two programs in the last two weeks both of them were on subjects other than nature and I feel like I need another nature fix. I would rather present God's creation to folks than anything else. No matter what the topic is I always get a little bit of nature into it.

My book "Creation Appreciation" is about to go to press. Proceeds will enable us to keep the ministry going. I will need help in distribution. So keep that in mind

The sun is shinning and I must get outdoors. bye

12/12/08 Don B

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to Creation Appreciation

Creation Appreciation
c/o Don and Florence Billett
4533 Miller Drive
Mt. Joy, PA 17552

Upcoming events

Monday Nov 17 - 7 pm
Don Speaks at the West Manchester Township Historical Society York County PA
Topic: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Lancaster County

Every Tuesday - 9am - 8pm Root's Country Market East Pettersburg PA
Look for coupons on Root's Web site

Every Friday - 9am -9 pm - Green Dragon Auction and Market - Ephrata PA

Stop by one of the market stands to see Brother Al Spoo's new books. The two volumes are a collection of previous articles and illustrations from the Lititz Record. We hope to have a special day to meet Al and have him sign his work for you.

Thanks to all who contributed to the van fund - it has arrived and was "lettered" today pictures to follow, soon.

God certainly does bless us. If you have any leads for programs contact Don or Florence or stop by on a market day. We are always in need of sponsors for our "OUTSIDE IN" program for nursing homes, call for details.